Best Mommy and Me Class 2015 – Richmond Magazine

We put our heart and soul into our classes. That’s why we are so thrilled about being designated “Best Mommy and Me Class” in the August 2015 issue of Richmond Magazine.

Our professionally-developed lesson plans are designed not only to be educational, but also to be tons of fun. As we like to say, we “Nurture the Genius. Unleash the Goofball!’” says Babz Barnett, Co-founder and President.Best Mommy and Me Classes Richmond Magazine August 2015

“Our facility and class curriculum adapt by age and developmental stage. We love being a fun, helpful resource and refuge for parents by offering class variety including gym, art, music, dance, sports and more for children ages 3 months through 5 years. The schedule is designed to be flexible with classes in mornings, evenings, and weekends, and you don’t even have to commit to a consistent class time.”

We are so grateful for this honor from the readers of Richmond Magazine. We’d also like to thank local ABC affiliate WRIC for featuring us on their “Best of” special.  You can view the segment here.

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Thank you for voting for us as the “Best Mommy and Me” classes in Richmond!



PreschoolPalooza: Free Classes for 3 to 5 Year Olds


If you’ve been wanting to try out Romp n’ Roll for your preschooler, join us January 11-17 for a free class during PreschoolPalooza!  At Romp n’ Roll, your little genius will focus on exploring new ideas and thoughts, becoming a team player and participating in a variety of activities from playing instruments, to participating in relay games and creating recycled art. Our instructors are experts in integrating dramatic play and inspiring active participation in any number of ways.  From a secret “Superhero Pow-Wow” to competing in the Olympics, we have a gym, art, music or adventure class for everyone.  Find a class that fits your schedule here!

*Free classes are only 45 and 60 minutes. One free class for any child who has not attended a free class in the past year. Reservations are required at least 24 hours in advance and availability is limited based on class size. 

We Agree, The Early Years are Critical…but in What Way?

Romp n' Roll, early childhood education, critical window of development, An interesting post was written in Psychology Today. We liked today’s post since we feel that it reduces some of the pressure on parents to take advantage of the critical “windows of development.” We have always believed that kind of pressure is not good for anyone, but particularly parents of young children who already have so much new to learn and experience with their children.

How children feel, and how parents feel, is incredibly important. Our philosophy at Romp n’ Roll is that providing a combination of physical, mental, and emotional guidance and stimulation is always the right approach. To make those experiences valuable, we find that “FUN” and “SILLINESS” are the secret ingredients that allow us all to “Nurture the Genius. Unleash the Goofball.” Crazy fun makes the kids want to participate, which in turn makes the parents want to participate. The shared experiences of classes are everything for kids and their parents. But, the shared experience goes beyond the child and the parent(s). It is also about moms, dads, and even grandparents being able to connect with one another during classes and/or making plans to meet outside of the Romp n’ Roll setting. This type of shared experience and understanding is invaluable and can often lead to lifelong friendships. We continually hear stories about parents who initially met at a Romp n’ Roll class and are still friends a decade later!

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Reach Out and Read Partnership Announced

Romp n' Roll Instructor, Kindergarten Readiness, Preschool, Learn to Read

Romp n’ Roll Instructor Sharing the Joy of Reading

We are so excited to partner with the great cause of Reach Out and Read Virginia. Reach Out and Read Virginia is focused on preparing children to enter kindergarten ready to read, learn, and succeed. This cause is so perfectly aligned with Romp n’ Roll’s vision and our enthusiasm for fueling child development in the best, most fun way.

Reach Out and Read Virginia and Romp n’ Roll will offer a series of events in support of this cause. The first event will be on September 21 from 1:00 – 3:00 at all 3 Richmond-area Romp n’ Roll locations. In honor of the annual “Talk Like a Pirate Day” (which occurs just a few days before on September 19), the event theme is “Pirates,” and will feature an instructor from CharacterWorks.

CharacterWorks is a well-known theater group in the Richmond area. The Character Works teacher will read a few pirate stories. Reading time will last about 15-minutes. The event also includes entrance to a Romp n’ Roll Open Gym event where the children can enjoy the Romp n’ Roll facility with their parents. The cost for the event is $8; $4 of which will go directly to benefit Reach Out and Read Virginia. Romp n’ Roll members, as always, can attend Open Gym for free. Members who would like to make a donation to Reach Out and Read can do so at the event. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL. The event is for children age 5 with a supervising adult. Registration can be handled by calling 804-364-6363. Click here for the registration links for the location that you would like to attend: Mechanicsville, Midlothian, and West End.

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Making Peace with War

War card gameThe first card game that virtually every preschooler learns to play is “War.”  The deck is divided in half then each player turns over a card and the player with the higher card collects both cards.  If the cards match, each player places three cards down and then the player with the higher fourth card collects all.  This continues until one player possesses the entire deck. Read more

Overdoing I Love You

I-heart-you-hanging-Happy-Valentines-Day-2015-WallpaperThere is no doubt that the unconditional love of her mother and father plays a critical in ensuring a child’s mental and emotional health.  Consequently, psychologists recommend that parents regularly remind their little one that she is loved.  But I think it is important to make the distinction between “regularly” and “routinely.” Read more