Not Thinking Clearly

art21Parents of preschoolers often get upset or frustrated when their little one can’t do certain tasks.  The behavior of infants and toddlers is so different from that of adults that not much is expected of them.  But three, four, and five-year-olds are clearly capable of thinking, so why is it that there are many times when it is evident that they are not thinking clearly? Read more

Dirty Words

Child Playing with Ribbon Wand

Children explore their world in a variety of ways.

Back in the old days, when a young child uttered a “dirty” word, he was likely to suffer the rather unpleasant consequence of having his mouth washed out with soap.  While I hesitate to criticize the practices of previous generations, it is clear that this was inappropriate and often counterproductive. Read more

Pride in Achievement

DSC_7134-213x300.jpgA while ago I was surreptitiously observing a three-year-old boy intently pursuing an art project at the little table in his room.  Suddenly he sat up, smiled broadly, and exclaimed, “I’m doing a good job!”  He then eagerly and enthusiastically resumed his activity. Read more

Parental Instinct

Mom and Baby Playing with Drum

Music class with Mom.

Babies don’t come with instruction manuals.  So how are you supposed to know what to do?  Well, I’m sure that many people have told you not to worry.  It’s instinctive.  You will just naturally know what to do.  Have you noticed how wrong they are?  Are there many times when you really don’t have a clue? Read more

Lead and Follow

Birthday Party

Birthday boy leads the way!

As you observe your child engaged in various activities with her peers at Romp n’ Roll, do you notice that she sometimes is a “leader” and sometimes she is a “follower”?  Given the strong emphasis on “leadership skills” one sees when applying to college or seeking employment, you may be wishing she abandoned the latter role and focused exclusively on the former. Read more

Setting a Realistic Adaptation Level

Having fun at Romp n' Roll!When your child is frustrated or disappointed on occasion, does that make you feel like a failure as a parent?  Well, you should know that whatever you have done or haven’t done is actually beneficial for his mental health. Read more

A Happy Place

Young Child Popping Bubbles

Have fun at our famous Bubble Dance Party!

I hope you noticed the entry on the Romp n’ Roll Facebook page about it being impossible to say the word “bubbles” in an angry way.  While that is quite amusing, it also makes an important psychological point.

Being a parent isn’t always easy.  There are times when anger and frustration can overwhelm you.  Furthermore, it isn’t always easy to be a citizen of this world.  The condition of the economy, terrorism, and all sorts of other stuff with which we are bombarded by the news can produce a lot of fear and anxiety.  And all that negative emotion obviously is not good for your mental health.

So what can you do?

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