Understanding Stranger Anxiety

Grandma comes to visit when your baby is three or four months old.  They have a great time together – playing, laughing, cuddling.  Then Grandma returns to her distant home.  Later, when your baby is nine or 10 months old, she returns for another visit.  She runs to your baby with outstretched arms and excitedly exclaims, “Grandma’s here!”  Your baby cowers and cries.  He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.  Grandma is heartbroken, and you are deeply embarrassed. Read more

An Ethical Legacy

Are you looking to give your child something really special this holiday season?  Perhaps you are thinking in terms of whatever the current “must have” toy may be.  Well, keep in mind that whatever that toy may be, it probably will end up in a closet collecting dust within a few weeks.  Instead, I urge you to give your little one an ethical legacy that will last a lifetime. Read more