Setting a Realistic Adaptation Level

Having fun at Romp n' Roll!When your child is frustrated or disappointed on occasion, does that make you feel like a failure as a parent?  Well, you should know that whatever you have done or haven’t done is actually beneficial for his mental health. Read more

A Happy Place

Young Child Popping Bubbles

Have fun at our famous Bubble Dance Party!

I hope you noticed the entry on the Romp n’ Roll Facebook page about it being impossible to say the word “bubbles” in an angry way.  While that is quite amusing, it also makes an important psychological point.

Being a parent isn’t always easy.  There are times when anger and frustration can overwhelm you.  Furthermore, it isn’t always easy to be a citizen of this world.  The condition of the economy, terrorism, and all sorts of other stuff with which we are bombarded by the news can produce a lot of fear and anxiety.  And all that negative emotion obviously is not good for your mental health.

So what can you do?

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Changing Majors

Climbing at Romp n' RollI have two granddaughters who started college last year and are now beginning the second semester of their sophomore term.  One has changed her major twice, the other has changed her major three times.  Both are very bright and both are doing quite well academically.  So what is their problem? Read more

Learn a Lot vs. Have Fun

I remember when I was a kid, each day as I would be leaving for school, my father would say, “Learn a lot.”  Meanwhile, my mother, who was a teacher, would send me off by saying, “Have fun.”  While these instructions may seem contradictory, they actually are totally in sync with one another.
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Understanding Stranger Anxiety

Grandma comes to visit when your baby is three or four months old.  They have a great time together – playing, laughing, cuddling.  Then Grandma returns to her distant home.  Later, when your baby is nine or 10 months old, she returns for another visit.  She runs to your baby with outstretched arms and excitedly exclaims, “Grandma’s here!”  Your baby cowers and cries.  He doesn’t want to have anything to do with her.  Grandma is heartbroken, and you are deeply embarrassed. Read more