Romp n’ Roll Continues Celebrating with Work Together Wednesday!

Romp n' Roll kids work together!This week Romp n’ Roll is celebrating the Week of the Young Child which is a national, an annual celebration hosted by the
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrating early learning, young children, their teachers and families. Today is Work Together Wednesday! Helen Keller is credited for saying “Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.” What a great lesson to learn as a child and teamwork is an ongoing skill set that is even more important to remember as an adult! Romp n' Roll kids work togetherUntil children are about one year old they parallel play, which means they play by themselves and are not interested in what other children are doing. They are just learning about the world around them! As children grow they learn important lessons from participating in group activities such as classes or sports teams. These lessons include the ever important skill of sharing as well as empathy and respect. When children are in classes with other children or on sports teams they learn that it takes more than one person to win – it takes the whole team! They learn to combine their efforts with those of their friends or teammates to create success! IMG_5329At Romp n’ Roll we know that the earlier a child learns how to work with others, the more successful they will be at working on a team as an adult. In our classes for preschool age children, we focus on teamwork and positive support of our friends. Whether it be running a relay in our Rhythm n’ Roll class or practicing how to pass the soccer ball in our Good Sports class, children are learning how to work with others, nurture relationships, and build leadership skills. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!