Child Playing with Ribbon Wand

Two year olds are amazingly active learners!

Children at this age are famous for the word “NO!”, but at Romp n’ Roll, all they’ll hear is “YES!”  Your child is building their strength, expanding their vocabulary, developing their fine motor skills and more, and we’ve created an environment to do just that: YES, you can jump on our equipment!  YES, you can throw the ball inside!  YES, we’re going to play the drums as loud as we can!  YES, you can paint with your hands!

Our theme-related curriculum focuses on unleashing their energy and their imagination, while also practicing important life skills.  They’ll follow multi-step directions while navigating our obstacle courses as flying pterodactyls, knights saving princesses or a mermaid swimming under the ocean.

Learning isn’t dull and boring at Romp n’ Roll – it’s fun and exciting!

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