classes for babies at Romp n' Roll Mechanicsville VA

Babies begin learning from their very first breath!

Everything around your baby becomes a learning experience and there’s no babyproofing necessary at Romp n’ Roll in Mechanicsville, VA!  Our Babies class is designed to help you and your baby work towards important developmental milestones.  Our instructors will lead specific activities on the airlog to increase mobility by strengthening core, neck and back strength.  We’ll also focus on body awareness and encourage language development through the introduction of sign language and story time.  As they get older and more mobile, the use of our padded stairs, ramps and other equipment will assist them with navigating their expanding world safely.

But our Babies class is so much more than that!

Our instructors will focus on the important connections that you and your baby are making, both with each other and those around you.  The connections you’re making during this time are the foundations for their lifetime.  We’ll concentrate on one-on-one time with your baby with songs and yoga activities, in addition to building relationships with other adults through group discussions significant to you and more.

Classes & Activities For Babies Offered At Romp n’ Roll Mechanicsville

  • Music
  • Mommy and Me

Being a parent can be exciting and scary at the same time and we’re here to help you navigate this brand new world with your baby!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Babies Class is for children 3 to 12 months old; what could my baby be learning at such a young age?

From their first breath, children are continuously learning, and the elements in our Babies Class are specifically designed to optimize each child’s development. As babies, they are beginning to learn colors and shapes and respond to touch and texture. The babies are also learning to react to sounds and patterns, so we incorporate singing and musical activities within our classes. Our airlog is used to develop back and neck strength as well as core stability needed to progress in mobility, and our intimate class size allows for the children to become acclimated to a group setting in a safe and nurturing environment.

I never know when my baby will be sleeping so how can I commit to a class?

Our flexible membership model allows you to enroll for your class online up to one hour before the class starts — you can decide to come to class when it works for you and your baby.  If you enroll in a class and find that you will not be able to make it to that class, simply go online or call us to sign yourself out before the class begins.

What do you do in the Babies Class that we cannot do at home?

Not only do we provide safe, soft, specifically designed equipment, but our instructors will lead you in ways to use the equipment that are developmentally appropriate for your baby. We have plenty of room and a wider variety of materials than you might have (or need) at home. Additionally, our curriculum provides opportunities to learn sign language and developmentally appropriate activities that are specific to children of this age.  Also facilitated during classes are valuable discussions about topics relating to child development and parenting; our families share their insights, ask questions, and get ideas from each other. We encourage parents to do the activities you learn at Romp n’ Roll at home with your baby as well as in class!

Does my baby need to change classes as soon as they turn a year old?

Absolutely not! The class ages are guidelines – what’s more important is where your child is developmentally. As children change and grow, we have a class that’s perfect for them and we’d be happy to help you with this transition!