One Year Old Boy Playing Instruments - classes for one year olds at Romp n' Roll Mechanicsville VAOne year olds are adventurous learners!

Your child is getting faster and smarter every day as they move from walking to running and you’ll never have to say “Don’t!” at Romp n’ Roll in Mechanicsville, VA because nothing is off limits!  Our super safe, padded gym is the perfect environment to encourage your little tyke!  But we’ll explore more than just movement; we will introduce drums, maracas and other instruments as well as many inflatable toys, stories and songs, all centered around our weekly theme.  In addition, your little one can explore in our art room using more than just paint and crayons.  Hands-on learning gives your child an opportunity to show their creative side while developing tactile awareness, fine motor skills and a love for art!  At Romp n’ Roll Mechanicsville we don’t worry about the mess, just the fun!

Our instructors will help your child focus on the power of play as they use bigger equipment in new and exciting ways like swinging on the trapeze, navigating the monkey bars or bouncing on the airlog!  Your little one is also discovering their favorite activities, beginning to develop relationships with their peers and showing lots of emotion.  We’ll help you encourage them to explore the things they love, whether that’s going down the slide a million times or snuggling up to you during Circle Time!

Classes & Activities For Toddlers At Romp n’ Roll Mechanicsville

  • Music
  • Dance
  • Tumbling
  • Art Classes

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