Romp n’ Roll Kicks Off “Week of the Young Child” With Music Monday!

Enjoying music during Babies Class at Romp n' RollThis week Romp n’ Roll is celebrating the Week of the Young Child! The annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrates early learning, young children, their teachers and families. Today is Music Monday!

What we know is that music is the result of movement, therefore, music is movement – they go hand in hand! How may times have you seen someone driving down the highway with their head moving up and down and their hands tapping the steering wheel? How many times have you been somewhere with your child when a song comes on and causes he or she to bend their knees, bob their head, or shake their hips? Playing the drums at Romp n' Roll!This happens all of the time and that is because music is a physical event! Read more

Overdoing I Love You

I-heart-you-hanging-Happy-Valentines-Day-2015-WallpaperThere is no doubt that the unconditional love of her mother and father plays a critical in ensuring a child’s mental and emotional health.  Consequently, psychologists recommend that parents regularly remind their little one that she is loved.  But I think it is important to make the distinction between “regularly” and “routinely.” Read more

The Inevitability of Guilt

IMG_6882It is impossible to be a parent and not suffer frequent bouts of guilt.  You are always going to regret something you did or didn’t do with your kids.  Fortunately, children are remarkably resilient.  They will recover from whatever real or imagined sin you have committed and probably will have long forgotten about it while you are still beating yourself up about it.

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The Visual Cliff Study

IMG_5257My all-time favorite study in the field of developmental psychology is the visual cliff.  Depth perception is such an important part of survival that it might be programmed into our DNA.  After all, our ancestors who walked off the edge of a cliff didn’t get to reproduce very much.  So researchers wanted to see if babies already demonstrated depth perception when they started crawling around in the latter part of the first year.

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Not Thinking Clearly

art21Parents of preschoolers often get upset or frustrated when their little one can’t do certain tasks.  The behavior of infants and toddlers is so different from that of adults that not much is expected of them.  But three, four, and five-year-olds are clearly capable of thinking, so why is it that there are many times when it is evident that they are not thinking clearly? Read more

Learn a Lot vs. Have Fun

I remember when I was a kid, each day as I would be leaving for school, my father would say, “Learn a lot.”  Meanwhile, my mother, who was a teacher, would send me off by saying, “Have fun.”  While these instructions may seem contradictory, they actually are totally in sync with one another.
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