Romp n’ Roll Kicks Off “Week of the Young Child” With Music Monday!

Enjoying music during Babies Class at Romp n' RollThis week Romp n’ Roll is celebrating the Week of the Young Child! The annual celebration hosted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) celebrates early learning, young children, their teachers and families. Today is Music Monday!

What we know is that music is the result of movement, therefore, music is movement – they go hand in hand! How may times have you seen someone driving down the highway with their head moving up and down and their hands tapping the steering wheel? How many times have you been somewhere with your child when a song comes on and causes he or she to bend their knees, bob their head, or shake their hips? Playing the drums at Romp n' Roll!This happens all of the time and that is because music is a physical event! Read more

The Importance of Imagination and Creativity

It is clear that the children enrolled in music, art, and adventure classes at Romp n’ Roll are developing high levels of imagination and creativity.  However, while imagination and creativity are “nice,” are they really “necessary”?  After all, schools consider imaginative and creative programs as “extra-curricular” and those programs are the first things to be cut whenever there is a budget crisis. Read more

The Best Lullabies for Babies

Parents often ask me to recommend an effective lullaby for their baby.  I routinely refuse to do so.  It’s not that I won’t.  I can’t.  There is no song that has an inherent capacity to soothe an infant.  And just about any song has the potential to do the trick.   What the little one will respond to in the desired fashion centers strictly on tone and inflection.  Consequently, it is not the tune or the lyrics that matter as much as the confidence, comfort, and enthusiasm being conveyed by the mother and/or father. Read more

What Did Einstein Use?

A book that I routinely recommend to parents of young children is “Einstein Never Used Flashcards.”  The authors, Kathy Hirsh Pasek, Ph.D. and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff, Ph.D., both highly respected child psychologists, offer a compelling indictment of the growing trend toward accelerated learning during the early years.  Their message is one that stressed-out mothers and fathers may be delighted to hear: letting the little ones learn through play is not only okay – it is better than drilling academics. Read more