Beijing Grand Opening: Day Four

Beijing Grand Opening: Day Four

Today was filled with training and more organization. I am proud to say that the instructors are ready for the preview classes tomorrow and the place looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see everyone in action tomorrow with the children and parents.

I went with some of the staff to a store to get some last minute items needed for the facility. This store has almost everything you could need from treadmills to toothpicks, similar to a Wal-mart but smaller with the same amount of stuff. While I was there I decided to cross over to being a tea drinker for the next few days. They have fantastic teas over here so I decided I needed to make the switch from coffee.

The staff was putting the finishing touches on everything. The rugs were being shampooed as we left this evening and the place was sparkling clean. When potential customers come to check the place out tomorrow, they are going to love love love it.

After work, Ms. Jill and I went to the gym. I was able to get a membership for a week for free. I love free. It was a small place but that didn’t matter because there weren’t many people there. I have been told that working out at a gym is not very popular. That is ok by me. I don’t have to wait for a treadmill.

We grabbed dinner after the gym and I proceeded to eat my sixth straight Chinese meal in a row. It is all very good but I need a change — I am seeking out Italian tomorrow.