Is Romp n’ Roll Appropriate For A Child With Special Needs?

Is Romp n’ Roll Appropriate For A Child With Special Needs?

Is Romp n’ Roll an appropriate program for a young child with special needs?  That is a good question, and the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

When a child has Down Syndrome, autism, sensory integration issues, or another special need, there is a natural tendency to focus on what the child can’t do.  As a result, even if a little developmental progress results from a particular activity, most of the child’s experience involves frustration and feelings of inadequacy.  In other words, in highly structured, academically oriented early education programs, the child may be repeatedly reminded that his individual rate and pattern of development and/or his unique learning style do not “fit” very well with what is being done.

The beauty of a play-based early education program like Romp n’ Roll is that the orientation is completely the other way around.  That is, the activities are designed to fit each child who is participating.  Each child is permitted to approach and involve himself in the wide variety of activities offered in a way that is most comfortable, appealing, and beneficial for him.  This results in the child not only developing his abilities in the most efficient and enjoyable manner possible, but also gaining the self-confidence and love of learning that will guarantee continued progress in the future.

So if you have a child with special needs, drop by for a free preview class.  And if you have friends with special needs children, encourage them to do so as well.  You will find the people and program at Romp n’ Roll are not only immensely welcoming, but enormously effective in helping special needs children to make the most of their potential.