The Real Risk Regarding Young Children’s Physical Activities

The Real Risk Regarding Young Children’s Physical Activities

Autumn is coming, and it is not just the leaves that will be falling.  During the early years of life, children are chomping at the bit to explore and investigate the world around them.  And as they develop the capacities to crawl, walk, jump, and climb, they eagerly indulge their natural curiosity every chance they get.  As they enrich themselves mentally, they also are driven by a desire for independence that inspires them to regularly challenge their improving physical skills in an effort to determine how much they can actually accomplish.

Consequently, early childhood is a critical period for building educational foundations and establishing the roots of self-esteem.  The more young children are allowed to explore and investigate on their own, the better they learn.  And the more challenges they are permitted to accept and master by themselves, the greater their self-image and sense of confidence.

Of course, young children tend to be naïve and clumsy at first, so they can get into trouble too.  Even if parents take proper precautions in terms of providing an essentially safe environment (such as a child-proofed home or a Romp n’ Roll class), it is inevitable the kids will collect some minor bumps, bruises, and abrasions on occasion.

Unfortunately, outsiders can make mothers and fathers feel guilty about such events.  As a result, some parents feel pressured to impose extensive restriction and supervision on the activities of their young children.

This is a shame.  Although being reasonably careful and vigilant is wise, going overboard is highly detrimental.  In the long run, these minor mishaps really are a small price to pay for optimal progress in educational development and personality formation. 

So when your child takes an occasional tumble, try not to overreact.  Remember that each little bump, bruise, or abrasion is merely an emblem of merit for your insatiable learner and a badge of courage for your bold adventurer.