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  • New Revelations, Not Repetition

    New Revelations, Not Repetition
    It is said that no one ever steps in the same river twice. While superficially the same, the current is constantly bringing new and different water. That is a good way to conceptualize your child’s ...
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  • Getting Out of the Children’s Ghetto

    Getting Out of the Children’s Ghetto
    I’m sure you’ve seen the news report about the restaurant in Pennsylvania that has banned children under six years of age. And I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of support for the restaurant’s stance. It is ...
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  • Inductive Versus Deductive Parenting

    Inductive Versus Deductive Parenting
    There are two types of strategies typically used for problem-solving. One is inductive reasoning. That is where you look at a collection of facts and circumstances and then make an educated guess, or ...
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