How Can a Baby Benefit from Romp n’ Roll?

How Can a Baby Benefit from Romp n’ Roll?

I’m often asked why Romp n’ Roll offers classes for babies as young as three months of age.  After all, a little infant really doesn’t do very much, so wouldn’t it make sense to wait until she is older and can participate more actively and benefit more fully from the activities?

That is a good question.  However, while it may not seem like a baby is doing much, the fact is that she is doing a great deal.  It is critical to realize that everything is brand new to an infant.  Consequently, every sight and sound is enormously exciting and irresistibly intriguing, and every tiny movement is novel experience that constitutes a thrilling challenge and a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Developmental psychologists and early childhood educators refer to the first year-and-a-half of life as the “sensorimotor” period.  It is through relatively simple and basic sensory and motor activities that infants first learn about themselves and the world around them and first start building the structures and mechanisms that will allow them to eagerly engage in and effectively learn from more complex and sophisticated activities later on.  Although they may appear rather passive, in reality, even at just three months of age, they are constantly soaking up every sight, sound, motion, texture, etc. available to them, and they are continually constructing knowledge and skills that will serve as the foundation for all learning in the years to come.

While observing infants in a Babies Gym and Music class at Romp n’ Roll, if you could get inside their brains and look at what is going on from their point of view, you would see that developmentally and educationally, for them this is the equivalent of college classes in everything from literature to math to science to sociology.