New Revelations, Not Repetition

New Revelations, Not Repetition

It is said that no one ever steps in the same river twice.  While superficially the same, the current is constantly bringing new and different water.  That is a good way to conceptualize your child’s development and educational experiences.  While a particular type of activity may seem like ground already covered to you, it is essential to keep in mind that your child is constantly engaging in it as a new and different person.

For instance, many years ago, a friend of mine adopted a baby girl from Korea.  When little Becky was a toddler, my friend read her stories about adoption and explained that she was “chosen” to be loved.  Becky was fine with that until a year or so later when Becky realized that all the other kids looked like their parents and she didn’t.  So my friend explained to her that when she was born, conditions in Korea were very bad – a lot of poverty, disease, and violence.  And because her mother loved her, her mother gave her to my friend to adopt so she could have a wonderful life in America.  Becky contemplated this for a minute, then asked, “So why didn’t you adopt my mother too?”

Clearly, explaining adoption, reproduction, or anything else is not something that you can do once.  As a child develops, she will be looking at the subject from different perspectives and will gradually become capable of understanding more and more about it.  That is why an ideal education features challenging change but also a healthy respect for continuity.

And that is what makes Romp n’ Roll the ideal educational program for young children. The progression of classes is designed to ensure that children are immersed in a familiar and fun environment that provides ever-increasing opportunities to learn ever more complex and sophisticated aspects of important concepts and principles according to their steadily advancing development.  As an adult, you may be thinking, “been there, done that.”  But believe me, developmentally speaking, the person your child is today is not the same person she was yesterday, and she will be in a wonderful new place filled with enormously beneficial new opportunities.