“Achievement” Does Not Necessarily Involve “Advancement”

“Achievement” Does Not Necessarily Involve “Advancement”

A common mistake that mothers and fathers tend to make is viewing their child’s educational development in strictly vertical terms.  They conceptualize progress as climbing up to the next highest rung on a ladder; and the more quickly their child is moving up, the more progress she is making.

However, educational development is better conceptualized as building a pyramid.  In order for the structure to have integrity and stability, the bottom layers need to be wide and firm.  As a result, it is wise to recognize that educational development is proceeding horizontally as well as vertically and that children are making enormous and extremely important progress as they complete each level fully before moving on to the next.

Giving children the opportunity to do this is one of the special features of Romp n’ Roll.  We are in the business of building the strongest foundations for success in school and beyond, and we recognize that every child has her own unique rate and pattern of development.  Consequently, while the classes do present a progression with regard to content and complexity, and while chronological age ranges are used to frame the progression, the intention is to provide general guidelines within which each individual child can do what will be in her best long-term interests.

So if your child does not seem ready for the next level class and is inclined to repeat a particular class, don’t worry  that she will “just be doing the same thing” or that she will “fall behind” her peers.  By allowing her to continue developing horizontally, you will be ensuring that her next vertical move will be appropriately supported and therefore maximally successful.