The Critical Importance of Physical Foundations

The Critical Importance of Physical Foundations

Who was the first president of the United States?  George Washington.  Now let me ask you another question: how do you tie your shoelaces?  Don’t show me, just tell me.  You can’t tell me, can you?  Your response to my question is likely to be, “I don’t know, I just do it!”

Think about it.  A lot of “lessons” you learned during the early years of your life have a physical rather than intellectual base.  And while it is obvious that infants and toddlers are not mental creatures and are learning largely through sensory and motor experiences, the fact that preschoolers also need to have their education physically based is not so readily recognized.

It helps to conceptualize educational development as building a pyramid.  Each new level rests on the foundations provided by the earlier levels, and in order to build those higher levels effectively, you have to be standing safely and securely on the previous ones.

While watching preschoolers having so much fun at Romp n’ Roll it is hard to imagine that they are getting the best possible preparation for formal schooling.  But they definitely are.  By introducing the essential elements that underlie reading, writing, and arithmetic through enjoyable yet challenging sensory and motor experiences, Romp n’ Roll allows them to learn the elements fully and firmly.  As a result, they not only learn a lot, they learn to love learning.