Crayons to Canvas – A Program of Which Picasso Would be Proud

Crayons to Canvas – A Program of Which Picasso Would be Proud

Pablo Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist…the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”  And I think he would agree that Crayons to Canvas is an excellent start to solving that problem.

Too often preschoolers are engaged in art activities that are either too unstructured or too structured.  They may be told to just keep themselves busy scribbling away or messing around so their parents or teachers can get something done without being bothered.  Or they may be told to produce a specific project to be presented to their parents or grandparents as a gift or commemorative item for a particular occasion.  Too rarely are they given the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to express themselves fully and effectively in their own unique fashion; and even more rarely are they given the opportunity to do so in a way that allows them to acquire an awareness and appreciation of the diversity of individual expression.

The artists we admire and cherish have been able to express an idea in a way that touches us deeply, moves us profoundly, and makes us contemplate that idea in a manner we have never done before.  But before they could do that, they spent a lot of time studying the successes of others and experimenting with different materials and techniques in order to figure out what suited them best.  In other words, while a great work of art is a “product,” it is important to recognize that it is the result of a special process.  And this process applies to all aspects of life.  Whether it is painting and sculpting or music and dance or acting and literature or architecture and engineering or advertising and marketing or computer programming and communication technology or virtually anything else, expressing oneself fully and effectively in one’s own unique fashion has the same foundation.

There is no doubt that most preschoolers love art and that most preschoolers get plenty of opportunities to engage in art activities.  However, it is a lucky preschooler who has the chance to participate in a Crayons to Canvas class at Romp n’ Roll where he can become enamored with and adept at a process that will not only bring him immense pleasure at the moment but also prepare him for maximum success in whatever field he enters in the future.