Welcome to the Neighborhood

Welcome to the Neighborhood

I know it is annoying to hear old folks like me reminisce about “the good old days.”  And I will admit that there are many things in the modern world that definitely constitute a substantial improvement over what was available in previous times.  But I must insist that there are other things that were very valuable and have regrettably slipped away as we have moved forward.

One of those things is the neighborhood.  I recall going out to play in front and back yards, vacant lots, or even safe streets with a familiar group of kids.  We formed immensely enjoyable friendships and engaged in a wide variety of exciting games and activities that allowed us to actively exercise our imagination and creativity as well as to eagerly attempt, practice, and perfect new physical, intellectual, and interpersonal skills.

Meanwhile, our mothers and fathers were around, not to micromanage everything we did, but rather to provide supervision as well as occasional inspiration and instruction as appropriate.  And while doing so, they were able to become more effective parents by observing us and gaining insight into our individual strengths, weaknesses, and inclinations.  Furthermore, they too formed immensely enjoyable friendships that not only enhanced their personal lives but gave them the opportunity to become better informed parents by comparing notes, sharing ideas, and discussing issues of common concern.

Unfortunately, in our fast-paced, highly compartmentalized modern world, many children and parents are missing out on this wonderful type of relatively relaxed, extraordinarily pleasant, and extremely productive type of experience.  Without good old-fashioned neighborhoods, it is difficult for them to fully realize their potential while having a lot of fun. That is, unless we are talking about a family taking advantage of all that Romp n’ Roll has to offer.  Although not exactly the same, Romp n’ Roll is about as close as you can get to the old neighborhood in terms of the aforementioned atmosphere and ensuing benefits.  And unless you can buy a time machine, I think enrolling in Romp n’ Roll is one of the better investments parents can make for their children and themselves.