Try a New Class This Spring

Try a New Class This Spring

Spring is a time when everything in nature is renewed, and we are delighted by the freshness of the air, water, and foliage.  This should remind us to take a fresh look at our children as well.

Parents sometimes create a problem for their little ones through premature labeling.  Let’s say a child doesn’t start walking until several months after her peers have done so but does begin talking several months before her age mates.  Her parents may begin thinking, “Well, she’s very sociable, but she’s not especially physical.”  Meanwhile, another child is reluctant to paint elaborate pictures like some of her peers, but she is the first to put away all her art supplies when asked to do so.  Her parents may begin thinking, “Well, she is very cooperative, but not particularly creative.”

The fact is that during the early years, patterns of development actually are highly irregular and completely unpredictable.  Therefore, presuming permanence in traits or tendencies is inappropriate and unfair as it often leads to a “self-fulfilling prophecy.”  Once a child has been labeled, everything she does tends to be interpreted in light of that label.  Eventually the child learns to behave according to whatever her parents have indicated is her lot in life, and she merely lives up to their expectations instead of her true potential.

So as spring inspires you to look at everything anew, keep in mind that your child may deserve an opportunity to revise some of the impressions you’ve formed of her so far.  When looking at the class offerings at Romp n’ Roll, don’t be so quick to think “she won’t like that” or “she won’t be good at that.”  Give her a chance to pleasantly surprise you and take advantage of all that Romp n’ Roll has to offer.  Rather than rushing to set her personality and capabilities in stone, make sure you give her a full and fair chance to blossom into the best that she can be.