10 Tips for Enhancing Your Child’s Self-Esteem

10 Tips for Enhancing Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is one of the more critical aspects of an individual’s psychology.  People who do not feel good about themselves tend to be rather unsuccessful and chronically miserable in life.  And promoting the development of strong, healthy self-esteem in their child is therefore one of the more important tasks that parents must perform.  But how do you do that without being superficial and without promoting narcissism instead?  Family Service of Canada published a list of suggestions for mothers and fathers that will help them be most effective in this area.  The list includes the following:

1. Help children recognize their abilities and strengths.  Encourage the idea that we all have strengths in some areas and need improvement in others.

2. Help children find their areas of excellence.  Build on their interests to help them find what they are good at – and that can be sports, music, and/or creative arts as well as academics.

3. Help children set realistic goals for themselves. Encourage them to plan ahead and follow through to completion.  Start small and build on previous success.

4. Set up situations where children can succeed.  Break down larger tasks into smaller, more easily managed pieces.

5. Practice active listening skills with children so they know their thoughts and ideas are important to you.

6. Let children know it is okay to make mistakes – we all make them and no one is perfect.  Help them understand we can learn from mistakes, and encourage problem-solving skills to lessen the number of mistakes.

7. Allow children choices and opportunities to make decisions for themselves.

8. Give children the chance to do things for themselves, even though it may be easier and faster to do it for them.

9. Find the proper middle ground between giving children too little or too much supervision.

10. Give encouragement throughout children’s activities rather than waiting for tasks to be completed.  Recognize and support their on-going efforts.

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