The Great Thing about Being a Goofball

The Great Thing about Being a Goofball

Whether you are blowing raspberries on your baby’s belly, making crazy faces for your toddler, or singing silly songs with your preschooler, it is clear that injecting humor into your child’s life is a lot of fun.  Furthermore, the fantastic health benefits of humor have been well documented by medical professionals.  What may not be so obvious is how much an individual prospers psychologically from humor.  A good sense of humor is something one can rely on throughout life to:

See things from many perspectives.

Grasp unconventional ideas or ways of thinking.

See beyond the surface of things.

Enjoy the playful aspects of life.

Not take oneself so seriously.

Consequently, kids with a good sense of humor, such as the “goofball” graduates of Romp n’ Roll, are happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and can handle differences in themselves and others well.  They are better liked by their peers and more able to handle the adversities of childhood – from moving to a new town, to teasing, to torment by playground bullies.