Better Than the Best

Better Than the Best

I can’t help but notice that some parents become a little uncomfortable when a Romp n’ Roll class ceases “instruction” and transitions into “independent play.”  They seem to feel that allowing their children to just “fool around” on their own has no real value.  Well, if your goal is to help your child to be just like the best in the world, then you definitely want to enroll her in a program that features nothing but constant, rigid instruction.  On the other hand, if you want her to be better than the best, you need to recognize the value of independent play.

I remember back in the late 1970’s, tennis star Bjorn Borg won five straight Wimbledon titles with a style that featured a lot of baseline play and a devastating two-fisted backhand.  And subsequently, everywhere from neighborhood courts to prestigious academies, you saw children being rigorously and extensively instructed to imitate his style.

But who eventually beat Borg and ended his reign?  It was John McEnroe, whose style featured charging the net with a one-handed slash.  While he obviously received some instruction in the basics of the sport, he also was given plenty of opportunity to experiment on his own and create a unique approach that maximized his particular abilities, suited his individual preferences, and ultimately enabled him to be even better than the best.

And helping children to be even better than the best is what Romp n’ Roll is all about.