The Appeal of Prehistoric Predators

The Appeal of Prehistoric Predators

Is your little one enamored with dinosaurs, particularly the large, vicious carnivores like the Tyrannosaurus Rex? If so, he is engaging in a fondness that is quite typical among young children. What is the appeal of these prehistoric predators?

As children emerge from infancy and toddlerhood and enter the preschool period, their increased cognitive skills bring them to the rather unsettling awareness that they are tiny entities in a great big world. Consequently, anything big and powerful may easily generate both fascination and fear simultaneously.

The nice thing about dinosaurs is that although they may have once ruled the earth with enormity and ferocity, they are now extinct and therefore do not constitute a genuine threat. This allows the little ones to explore and admire their size and strength without having to be scared to death at the same time.

While some children continue their love of dinosaurs all the way to adulthood (and perhaps become paleontologists), most outgrow it as they become big and powerful themselves. So if your little one can’t seem to get enough of these creatures, keep in mind that he is simply indulging in a pursuit that a preschooler finds quite comforting psychologically.