The Benefits of Dancing with Rompy

The Benefits of Dancing with Rompy

There is no doubt that your child will have a lot of fun in a Dance with Rompy class.  And you probably are aware that participation in the class will greatly improve important physical attributes such as flexibility, strength, and endurance.  You might even know that dance is a great way to reduce stress and enhance socialization.

However, there is an additional benefit that may not be obvious at all.  A recent study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City and funded by the National Institute on Aging analyzed the effectiveness of various activities in preventing brain deterioration due to conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.  As you might expect, “cognitive” pursuits such as reading and doing crossword puzzles were quite effective whereas “physical” pursuits such as swimming and cycling were not.

Surprisingly, there was one exception – dancing.  In fact, regular dancing turned out to be even more effective than all the “cognitive” activities.  The researchers are still trying to figure out precisely why that is, but they suspect that dancing stimulates and exercises critical areas of the brain in unique and powerful ways.

So enrollment in a Dance with Rompy class will not only provide your child with a bundle of immediate benefits, it will place your child on a path that will lead to a plethora of important benefits for both body and mind far into the future.