Let Your Child Be a Lefty

Let Your Child Be a Lefty

It is a statistical fact that left-handed people are considerably more creative than right-handed people. If you look at any activity or profession that involves creativity, you see an enormous percentage of successful southpaws – far greater than their percentage in the general population.

Some people claim this is due to brain structure. Since the creativity center is located on the right side of the brain and that is the more dominant hemisphere in lefties they believe it gives them an advantage in this area. I haven’t seen sufficient evidence to convince me the explanation lies in the geography of the cerebral cortex. I think it comes down to experiential factors.

Since over 90% of the population is right-handed, everything is designed for right-handed people. That means standard procedures do not work very well for lefties. Consequently, from very early on in life they are constantly exercising that creative muscle in the mind because they are always in the position of having to figure out their own way of doing things.

Take writing for example. In school, a right-handed teacher demonstrates how to make the letters and all the right-handed kids just follow along. But that doesn’t work for the left-handed kids. So they have to figure out how to make the letters themselves. And if you look around, you see that righties all write the same way. They have their individual handwriting, but they all hold the pen the same way, the paper is positioned the same way, etc. Now look at the lefties. Some are hooking their hand around the page, some are turning the page around, etc. Each lefty has his own way of writing.

This is another reason why it is so important to enroll your child in a play-based early education program like Romp n’ Roll, especially if he is a righty. All children have plenty of opportunities to be trained in standard procedures. But not all have the chance to give that creative muscle in the mind a rigorous workout on a regular basis.

Michael K. Meyerhoff, Ed.D. (a.k.a. “Dr. Mike”) is a member of the management team at Romp n’ Roll. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, he earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he also held a position as a researcher with the Harvard Preschool Project. He may be contacted via e-mail at drmike@romproll.com.