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  • Waiting for the First Words

    Waiting for the First Words
    Has she started talking yet? That is perhaps the most common question asked of an infant’s parents. The utterance of the first word is regarded as a tremendously significant milestone and waiting for ...
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  • An Antidote to Groupthink

    An Antidote to Groupthink
    Your child is entering preschool. She will have opportunities to play and socialize with other children, so is it necessary that she continue to be enrolled at Romp n’ Roll? There is an important ...
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  • Understanding Egocentrism

    Understanding Egocentrism
    Is your preschooler reluctant to share his toys with other children? Does he seem insensitive and even inconsiderate with respect to other people’s feelings? If so, don’t condemn him for being selfish ...
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