The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas

There is no doubt that Christmas currently is being tainted by crass commercialism, rampant materialism, and creeping political correctness.  Consequently, many of us are bemoaning that the true spirit of Christmas is being lost.  But what is the true spirit of Christmas?Well, personally, I like to respond to that question by talking about my father.  He was a devout Orthodox Jew with a long white beard.  Because of his appearance, whenever he was out in public during the Christmas season, he would be besieged by young children convinced he was Santa Claus in his civilian rather than ceremonial clothes.

What did my Dad do?  He always filled his pockets with candy canes which he would give to the kids along with a reminder to be nice and avoid being naughty.  I will never forget the look of joy he would get from the little ones and the look of gratitude he would get from their parents who were afraid they would have to apologize for their kids “bothering” him.

So whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Wiccan, Atheist, Agnostic, or whatever, it is eminently easy and enormously satisfying to get into the true spirit of Christmas.  Amidst all the shopping, wrapping, cooking, traveling, or whatever, just remember to treat your fellow human beings with kindness and compassion whenever you can.

Dr. Mike

Michael K. Meyerhoff, Ed.D. (a.k.a. “Dr. Mike”) is a member of the management team at Romp n’ Roll.  After receiving his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Columbia University, he earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where he also held a position as a researcher with the Harvard Preschool Project.  He may be contacted via e-mail at