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  • Is There Really a Smarter Way to Play?

    Is There Really a Smarter Way to Play?
    You may have noticed the slogan on this web site stating that Romp n’ Roll is the “smarter way to play.” And you may be wondering, if play is all about having fun, is there really one manner of doing ...
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  • Robust Babies

    Robust Babies
    I’ll never forget the day my triplet grandchildren were born. They emerged from the womb six weeks early, each weighing a little more than three pounds. As a precaution, they were immediately taken to ...
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  • Post-Christmas Assessment

    Post-Christmas Assessment
    Via a letter or lap session with Santa, your little one probably provided you with a long list of toys she wanted for Christmas. And although Saint Nick got the credit, I’m sure you did all you could ...
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