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  • The Inevitability of Guilt

    The Inevitability of Guilt
    It is impossible to be a parent and not suffer frequent bouts of guilt. You are always going to regret something you did or didn’t do with your kids. Fortunately, children are remarkably resilient. ...
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  • Dealing with Disputes

    Dealing with Disputes
    Let’s say you are observing your little one during an Open Gym session at Romp n’ Roll. She and another child seem to be heading toward some unpleasantness because they both want to use the same piece ...
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  • Respecting Attention Span

    Respecting Attention Span
    Does it seem to you that activities at Romp n’ Roll can get a little chaotic at times? What’s with all the free choice and independent play? Why aren’t the children being required to sit still and pay ...
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