We Agree, The Early Years are Critical...but in What Way?

We Agree, The Early Years are Critical...but in What Way?

Baby with a ball smilingAn interesting post was written in Psychology Today. We liked today’s post since we feel that it reduces some of the pressure on parents to take advantage of the critical “windows of development.” We have always believed that kind of pressure is not good for anyone, but particularly parents of young children who already have so much new to learn and experience with their children.

How children feel, and how parents feel, is incredibly important. Our philosophy at Romp n’ Roll is that providing a combination of physical, mental, and emotional guidance and stimulation is always the right approach. To make those experiences valuable, we find that “FUN” and “SILLINESS” are the secret ingredients that allow us all to “Nurture the Genius. Unleash the Goofball.” Crazy fun makes the kids want to participate, which in turn makes the parents want to participate. The shared experiences of classes are everything for kids and their parents. But, the shared experience goes beyond the child and the parent(s). It is also about moms, dads, and even grandparents being able to connect with one another during classes and/or making plans to meet outside of the Romp n’ Roll setting. This type of shared experience and understanding is invaluable and can often lead to lifelong friendships. We continually hear stories about parents who initially met at a Romp n’ Roll class and are still friends a decade later!

Kids on monkey barsWe pay close attention to the science and develop our curriculum around child development, but admittedly, at Romp n’ Roll we are not researchers. Fortunately, there are incredible organizations that focus on this arena. Zero To Three is a leader in the child development space and has significant data and research about early brain development. As the tagline “Early Experiences Matter” suggests, a variety of different experiences matter.

A key thread in the research Zero to Three reports is the vital aspect of emotional connections to lay the right foundation for children for a lifetime of success and happiness. The value of this emotional connection and the joy of interacting with one another cannot be underestimated! We are so fortunate to play a part in laying this foundation and enjoy every minute of it!

We appreciate today’s post from Psychology Today and the thoughts it spurred.

Kids and their moms attending a music class at romp n rollMom and child enjoying a painting project together at Romp n Roll