Easy Activities for One Year Old Birthday Party

Easy Activities for One Year Old Birthday Party

Celebrating the first year of your little one? WOW! What an accomplishment for baby and parents. Your tiny bundle of joy has likely become wiggly and busy and is exploring every nook and cranny of your home! If you are in the stages of planning a party for your one year old and need a few ideas for easy and fun activities, stay tuned!

1. DIY Ball Pit - Grab a plastic or blow up baby pool and plastic colorful balls to fill a DIY ball pit that works great indoors or outdoors! Your one year old will love throwing, grabbing, and kicking the balls for a contained ball pit of fun! Leave it up all year round or reuse for sporadic fun throughout the year. This DIY activity is cost effective, with ball pit cost of less than $10 and 12 colorful balls for $2. Grab a few packages of balls and this option costs you no more than $15-20!

DIY ball pit

2. DIY Bubble Station – Bubbles are always a huge hit for the young and old! Grab assorted bubble sticks at your local dollar store, a plastic beverage container and small plastic cups and make your own bubble mixture! Kitchenfunwithmy3sons.com provides a great and easy recipe for making your own bubbles!

DIY bubble station

3. Water table – The awesome part of a water table is that it doesn’t have to remain a water table! If you don’t want your guests to worry about getting wet, use rocks, sand, noodles, shells, or rice to allow your guests to stop and play throughout the party! Like the ball pit, a water table provides year round fun. We bring our water table inside during the winter and use with rice, sand, and rocks to keep the fun going! If you don’t have a water table and don’t want to buy one, use a baby pool, or a plastic storage bin for a cheaper alternative. Justbrightideas.com has awesome water table ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Water table fun

The best part about all of these activities is that they will provide fun for you and your one year old long after the party is over and are all affordable!

Keeping your birthday boy or girl busy and allowing kids to have multiple stations to play with will keep everyone busy and happy! The sensory engagements with all of the above activities is critical for building exploration and manipulation of various textures and creating a great opportunity to learn while playing. If you are looking for a way to commemorate all of your party guests and memories, consider having a station for allowing guests to stop and fill out a birthday memory card using this template.

birthday memory card

If the thought of planning your own party feels too overwhelming and you want to go the stress free route, let Romp n’ Roll do the planning for you! We have paper or online invitations, we’ll lead the party and keep on schedule, keep your guests engaged and having fun, and clean it all up so that you can relax and enjoy your little one’s party! Call your local Romp n’ Roll to start party planning today!

birthday party at Romp n' Rloll