Labor Day

Labor Day

Labor Day is such an exciting day – as it usually signals back to school. Whether you are celebrating with a local parade, last day at the pool, planning a relaxing day, last-minute school shopping, or coming home from a end-of-the-summer trip – we hope you made the most of summer with your family.

running and biking by the beach with USA flags

Do your kids know what Labor Day means? Don’t miss the opportunity to talk about the importance of this day with your child. We celebrate the working heroes of the past and present who get things done every day for our fellow citizens, our country, and the world. Talk about the jobs that family members, neighbors, and friends hold. Explain to your child what you do when you go to work!

We recommend snagging these great books from the library to read as well: Clifford Gets a Job, Mommies at Work, When I Grow Up, and Bernstein Bears on the Job. The discussions are endless.

This printable Tools of the Trade Sheet is a fun way to reinforce pictures to words, letter recognition, and motor skills of drawing lines from the worker to the tool. This printable is free for everyone to use!

Take a moment to make a special treat or a note to your favorite community workers – the mailman, your garbage collector, your teacher, your coach, or local community helpers like police and fire fighters! Not sure what kind of easy snack you can make that would be easy to share? Chocolate-covered strawberries are always a hit with limited ingredients needed and ease of transporting! This requires very little parent involvement other than heating up the candy melts and is a great way to step back and let your children get messy and have fun with this snack.

  • Strawberries
  • Candy Melts – white and blue
  • Sprinkles – light blue, red/white/blue


It is a simple way to make a sweet treat that requires 10 minutes and a microwave. Melt the chocolate, dip, decorate, and let cool! Total kid-friendly creation, and they will love participating and sharing that they made these! Attach a cute note to the box thanking them for their work and teach your children the importance of giving back and saying thanks!

Labor Day USA flag and flowers