Yummy End-of-Summer Treat

Yummy End-of-Summer Treat

Summer is quickly passing us by and you may be preparing for back-to-school for your children like we are! How is it possible that our pool days and summer fun have somehow almost come to a close? You may be thinking you need to cram in a few last-minute trips and cross a few more summer items off your bucket list to soak up the last few weeks of summer time.

We love popsicles after a long day of playing outside or at the pool – who doesn’t?! Instead of snagging store-bought options, have fun by making your own and involve your children and toddlers.


You can customize your popsicles to any flavor or liking of your family – which makes it all the more fun. Use your favorite fruits and cut into small chunks and mix them together for a fruity flavor-filled combo. If you want to keep ingredients simple and healthy – opt for an option like watermelon. Puree it and add to the mold with no additional items needed.


Or get crazy and add various fruits – blueberries, kiwi, peaches, raspberries, and strawberries (the options are endless) with apple juice to have another option. Make sure you snag the popsicle molds ahead of time – which you can find at your local grocery store or larger chains like Walmart/Target for under $10. The great part of DIY popsicles is that you can’t mess them up! Grab what you have, chop them up and add to the mold. Less sugar than store bought options are a great parent win as well.


What seems like such a simple and quick activity with your kids and toddlers becomes an interactive and fun activity for developing fine motor skills and coordination. We adore these kid-safe knives (with supervision) that are great for beginners and allow your child to take on responsibility in the kitchen and be helpful. You are able to discuss kitchen safety, washing, clean up, and prep with your child while involving them in the process.

fruity popsicles

Involving your child/children in simple day-to-day tasks may mean that it takes a tad longer but provides opportunities for skill mastery and completion, development of new skills, and endless quality time and attachment/bonding for the family.

Enjoy your last few weeks of summer, friends. Hope to see you at Romp n’ Roll soon!