5 Fun and Easy Kids Birthday Party Favors!

5 Fun and Easy Kids Birthday Party Favors!

5 Easy Kids Birthday Party Favors!

Planning a birthday party for your kid or toddler and not sure what to do about favors?

Party favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming to your party. Here are five simple and easy birthday party favor ideas that will be sure to make your guests feel special.

  1. Gingersnapcrafts.com has the most adorable bubble favor - you can also print off the tag on her page, linked above! Grab the bubble wands at your local Dollar Store and its affordable and sure to be a hit! Your kids will love dancing and playing with this bubble favor long after the birthday party is over.
    Bubble favor for kids party

  2. Thekeeperofthecheerios.com has the most adorable Trolls Sucker Favor idea. Grab a Tootsie Roll pop, tulle, ribbon, small flowers, scissors and glue and send your friends home with a edible treat! Get the kids involved in making these party favors and you have a hit before and after the party.

    Troll favor for kids party

  3. This gender neutral art party favor is a genius idea from Under the Sycamore. Grab small notebooks from your local dollar store and a large box of crayons, and divide up between friends. This favor requires elastic and sewing, but if you do not want to sew, I would recommend grabbing a simple drawstring tulle bag from your local craft store for storing the crayons! This birthday party favor is the perfect way to spark kids’ imaginations, creativity, and love of art and drawing.

    Crayon art favor for kids party

  4. Tic Tac Toe Bag -Balancinghome.com shares an idea using a burlap bag, small stones, and a paint marker will create an awesome party favor that is definitely a keeper. This would be a wonderful item to leave in the car for trips as well! Plus, we all know that kids learn through playing and this party favor feeds their minds while having fun.

    tic tac toe favor for kids party

  5. Edible Legos -Simplyrealmoms.com shares a delicious treat with a great printable robot template saying “We were built to be friends!” A combination of art and science, this party favor has something for all of your party guests!

    lego kids party favor

    Whichever favor you choose, the most important part is that your kids have their friends and family there to celebrate!