STEAM for Toddlers

STEAM for Toddlers

What is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. In 2010, The Council of Advisors on Science and Technology noted that “The federal government should promote the creation of at least 200 new highly STEM focused high schools and 800 STEM focused elementary and middle schools over the next decade.” You may see STEAM related camps and activities popping up in your area and this may be why. There is a huge federal push for increasing STEAM education for our children, as we have noticed a sharp decline of capable workers in these fields over the last few decades.

child building

Why is STEAM important for our kids?

STEAM teaches creative thinking, problem solving, and innovation. STEAM activities teach your child to think outside of the box to create new solutions to problems presented. By trying tasks repeatedly and even failing, your child learns how to persevere. Your child learns to adjust and continue trying until tasks are completed.

How to introduce STEAM at home:

  • Blocks - children can explore cause and effect and learn about gravity, stability, weight, and balancenesting blocks

  • Magna Tiles – stability, problem solving, bridge building, building creation

  • Cardboard – use boxes to allow your children to create and build with materials you have on hand.

  • Marshmallows/Toothpicks – Always a crowd pleaser, allow your child to build and create and then have a snack after!

  • Legos

STEAM for toddlers

  • Magnets/Magnetic blocks – combining sizes and shapes of various blocks and building materials is a great way to encourage risk taking in building

While your children are building, they are using their verbal and nonverbal communication skills as well. Don’t exclude younger children, siblings are a great way to encourage working together, sharing, and working through frustrations.

As parents, we are preparing the next generation of employees, world leaders, creative geniuses, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, and scientists, among many other professions. Let’s invest in our biggest gifts and best creations – our children!