Activities for a 2 Year Old Birthday Party

Activities for a 2 Year Old Birthday Party

Planning an extravaganza to celebrate your upcoming 2 year old’s birthday? Not sure where to start? Here are a few easy, affordable, and engaging games that your little party-goers will be sure to love!

Dig for Bugs

1. Digging in the Dirt – Who doesn’t love to get a little dirty? We all know 2 year olds do! Grab a few plastic bins or a plastic baby pool and fill with sand or dirt. If you are hosting a themed party, add a cute themed sign to accompany, “Dig for Dinos,” “Dig for Animals,” etc. and hide toys in the dirt or sand for your party guests and birthday boy or girl to find. Pick up a few cheap shovels and rakes from the local Dollar Store if you don’t have any at home and this is a very affordable way to create fun and exploration for sensory development at the party! The best part about this activity is that you can keep burying the objects so the kids can continue to explore. If you are looking for a theme that isn’t done regularly, check out for a bug themed party!

Ballon Pit

2. Balloon Pit - Similar to the ball pit DIY we shared as an idea for a 1 year old party, a balloon pit is equally as easy and SO MUCH FUN! Use a sectioned off room in your home and toss a baby gate in the opening and let the kids jump, run, and throw the balloons in their very own balloon pit! used this idea outside of a birthday party so the fun never ends!

Bubble Dance Station

3. Bubble Dance Station - We absolutely love our bubble machine and couldn’t live without it! We use it for parties, play dates, and for every day fun. Bubbles are always a hit for any age. At a $12 price point, I can assure you the Play Day Fish Bubble Machine is worth every penny! Use a flat surface and have extra bubbles on hand. Recreate the famous bubble dance parties that the kids love at Romp n’ Roll by setting up a music station beside the bubble machine for your very own bubble dance party at home.

Instead of finding games and activities that you will use for the party and then toss after– think of ideas, like the ones above, that can be used year-round whether you are at home with just your family or entertaining a large group! It’s a win-win for everyone! We cannot wait to hear how your 2 year old’s birthday celebration goes!