Want to Keep Your Child Smiling on Car Trips?

Want to Keep Your Child Smiling on Car Trips?

Going on a road trip to visit family, friends, or headed on vacation? You’ve likely got the sedan, minivan, or SUV packed to the brim. If you are anything like us, you will pack every item you own but still somehow manage to forget something that you need. Packing for trips with young kids can be stressful. There are so many factors outside of your control as a parent — weather, road conditions, and location when someone screams "I have to potty RIGHT NOW!" But one thing that is in your control is what you pack in a activity bag to keep your toddler or child entertained and happy in the car.

Top 5 child friendly items we recommend taking on your road trip!

Seek and Find Book

  • Seek and Find Wipe Away Book - 56-pages of wipe-clean activity book that comes with its own pen. It is packed full of seek-and-find puzzles, mazes, picture puzzles, number fun, and more. The pages wipe clean, so that children can complete and repeat the puzzles time and time again—excellent for developing their problem-solving and observational skills, as well as their fine-motor control. $10

DIY Lego Kit

  • Lego Box - This adorable Lego portable box is GENIUS! Mamapapabubba.com shared an amazing idea of how to turn a lunch box into storage and play area for a car ride. This is perfect for short or long trips!

Sticker Pad

  • Melissa and Doug Sticker Book - $5 - 10 pages of countless creations in this reusable sticker book for endless stories, play adventures, and fun. Gender neutral theme is perfect for siblings to both use on trips to elongate use.

clipboards and crayons
  • Clipboard with LOTS of printable coloring sheets and activity sheets printed and ready to go! There are endless printable sheets available for free on Pinterest, or search for coloring sheets with specific characters or TV Shows your little one enjoys and find endless choices via Google.

Wrapped gifts for road trips

  • Individually wrapped small gifts - Kids love to unwrap anything, even as an adult I love the surprise of opening a gift as well! Gather toys from fast food meals, snacks, hot wheels cars, action figures, books, or any other gifts for a month or two before you head on your trip and wrap them! Every 20 -30 minutes present another gift. The element of surprise will keep them engaged and entertained!

Snacks for road trips

It goes without saying that SNACKS are the real MVP on road trips. We pack an insulated cooler with fruit, veggies, juice boxes, water, crackers, raisins, nuts, and some cookies (mommy's favorite!) It cuts down on the expense during the road trip and leaves more money for fun when you arrive at your destination!!

Happy and Safe Travels!