3 Fun Rainy Day Kids Activities!

 3 Fun Rainy Day Kids Activities!

“Rain, rain, go away” is the mantra of all moms with babies, toddlers, or older kids on rainy days who want to get their kids outside to free all of that energy! Rainy days seem to drive us all a little wild when we can’t get outside and explore! Don’t let rainy days with the kids get you down, try these great indoor musical instrument ideas for your kiddos to make when you are stuck inside!

Colorful Rain Maker

1. DIY Rainmaker – This colorful and fun rainmaker is from Muminthemadhouse.com and uses a cardboard paper towel roll, washi tape, beans or rice, and duct tape. You will find detailed directions on her site, but start off by covering end in the duct tape (She used white.) Next add in your rice and beans and cover the top! Let your little ones use washi tape to decorate their rainmaker. You can find washi tape at any craft store, and it’s perfect for moms to use in day planners as well. (I’m washi tape obsessed!!) Easy peasy and lots of fun!

Paper plate tambourine

2. Paper Plate Tambourine – Stickymudandbellylaughs.com brings a simple idea for musical fun with items you have on hand - paper plates, hole punch, ribbon, and stickers or paint! You may need to purchase jingle bells ahead of time if you don’t have them on hand. Add holes to the plates, thread your jingle bell through the ribbon and attach on hole you created. Let your little one decorate however his/her heart desires and get to jamming!

Mini Lid Banjos

3. Mini Lid Banjos – Thecrafttrain.com shares the cutest idea for banjo strumming! Grab some extra lids you have lying around, a jumbo craft stick, loom bands, washi tape, duct tape, sequins, and glue. The washi tape will decorate your banjo craft stick. Attach the loom bands around the jar lid and secure the craft stick to the lid with duct tape.

Why are these ideas not only fun ways to pass rainy days but also awesome for your little ones? They develop fine motor skills and work on key developmental tasks of cutting, taping, wrapping, and gluing! What may seem like just an art craft is helping your child master tasks that are so important!

Girl climbing rock wall at Romp n' Roll

Of course our favorite rainy day activity is time at Romp n’ Roll! Not only will your little one get to make fun crafts like the ones listed above, but they will also make friends and have a ball exploring our kid-friendly gym! A new mantra might be, “Rain rain, go away, or we’ll go see Rompy today!” Nurture the genius and unleash the goofball at Romp n’ Roll.

Child with superhero mask

Hang in there mamas, the rain has to end at some point right?!