3 Fun & Easy Activities for your Three Year Old’s Birthday Party!

3 Fun & Easy Activities for your  Three Year Old’s Birthday Party!

Another year of memories, fun, meltdowns, and hostage negotiations over whether Gummy Bears for breakfast are acceptable with your almost 3 year old! Looking for fun ideas to celebrate your soon to be three-ager that doesn’t break the bank and can be done without a lot of stress and money? Look no further – we’ve got you covered!

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1. Rock Painting Fun – The Rock Painting Phenomenon is in full swing, and it makes a great three year old birthday party activity! In fact, Rompy and experts agree that painting is a great way to promote hand - eye coordination and fine motor skills. And, painting is one of the core activities for three year olds in our fun and creative art classes! Find or purchase flat river stones like these, grab paint brushes from your local dollar store, and craft paint and let the guests get crafty! If you are having a themed party, prepare a few examples beforehand for ideas and table décor or let your guests have free range for endless paint opportunities. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to seal the paint. Allow your guests to take the rocks home or tell them to rehide at a local park to keep the movement going across USA! Haven’t heard of this yet? Check out this article which will give you some great info, we love connecting families and kids and getting them outside to play!

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2. Playdough Station - I have met very few kids who don’t love play dough! Set up a fun area at the party for your guests to gravitate to and create their own! You can have endless fun with a playdough station, using shapes and cut outs to match the birthday party theme – i.e. animals, cars, etc. Or – grab some candles, silicone cupcake liners, and muffin tins from your kitchen and let them create birthday themed creations. You likely will have all of these items on hand and not even need to purchase anything! Win win!

3. Cupcake Decorating Station – Instead of going the typical prepared and decorated cupcake route – how about make it a fun and interactive activity for the party guests by decorating your own? Use plastic bowls with sprinkles, gummy bears, worms, M&M’s and/or any other sweets that your birthday boy or girl loves and get creative! You can even bring your own cupcakes and toppings to a birthday party at Romp n’ Roll. We’ll set up everything for you and even do the clean up so that you can relax and enjoy your child’s birthday party! The kids will love decorating as much as they do eating and adults won’t miss out on the fun either!


Whatever you decide to do for your party, remember that memories and pictures will be fun to remember years from now! Snap pics and write down funny moments to look back on when your three-ager is much bigger and has flown the nest!