Class Descriptions

*Class offerings may vary by location

2 for Tots

Is it a Gym class? Is it an Art class? Actually, it’s both! This class is a combination of Art activities paired with independent play, parachute time and a bubble dance party! Each week the theme is different and so are the projects and the Gym activities. Your children will be exercising their minds with creative and child-centered art projects while exercising their bodies by performing activities designed to help children develop large muscle groups and gross motor skills. To top it all off each class ends with a Bubble Dance Party! We couldn’t fit more educational fun in this class if we tried!

2 for Twos

A step up from 2 for Tots, this class offers a slightly more advanced art activity paired with the amazing fun of obstacle courses and the developmental skills of a gym class! In the gym, you never know how all of our colorful equipment will be set up to match our different themes – it changes every week! The Art portion of the class gives each child an opportunity to not only work on fine motor development and early art skills, but also gives children the chance to think “outside the box” and begin the creative process. Grown-ups, you’ll have just as much fun as the kids in this class!

2 for Tykes

Calling all kids! Kids of all ages will enjoy this class that combines activities of two favorites – Gym and Art! This class is perfect if you have two or more children of different ages but aren’t able to come for two different classes. Don’t worry – instructors will provide an extra set of hands. Want to attend a class with a friend but your children are different ages? This is yet another great use for this class! Older children will participate in an obstacle course while the younger children engage in independent play and airlog activities. All will enjoy parachute time and bubble dance party!

Art Explorers 1

This Art class is designed for budding artists 16-24 months and a grown-up. Children will explore textures and colors and be introduced to basic art styles that will improve their gross and fine motor skills. In addition, we'll read stories, sing songs, and move about the room to keep up with the energy of your little artist. The best part is the keepsake project you will get to take home with you to help you remember this art experience you had with your child.

Art Explorers 2

A turtle tambourine, a spiny cactus and an astronaut…these are some of the cool Art projects that will be created by your artistic little one. Each week children will create an art project related to a different theme, participate in exploration and tactile stations in addition to performing music and movement activities. This class is chock full of exploration and sure to develop a love for the arts!

Chef Rompy Around the World

If you have a little chef in your family, this is THE class for you! In Chef Rompy , your child will go to faraway lands and learn about the culture, the language, and of course, the FOOD! Each week brings a recipe from a different country from around the world in which the children will assist in creating. This class brings a love for cooking together with multicultural appreciation, learning to follow instructions and a fun way to learn math! Our little chefs even receive their own passports with stamps from the countries they’ve visited. Every now and then we will highlight food from right here in the United States. The children will be able to sample each tasty treat they create, and, if you’re lucky, bring some home!


Grab your hardhat and tool belt and get ready for an Art class designed for your young builder! Your child will experience different tools from a hammer to a tape measure. They will create artwork but will also have the opportunity to hone their construction skills by building with Legos and other building materials. Just like it is in the real world, all of their “construction” is hands-on, where they will be able to create and test a building plan. In this class we’re building fun!

Crayons to Canvas

Children in Crayons to Canvas will be mentioning famous artists such as Pollack or Van Gogh at the dinner table. Each week, children explore the aspects of different artists and then create their own version of a project based on that artist’s style. There is much exploring out of the box and our little artists are introduced to vocabulary such as “abstract,” “medium” and “tactile.” What they bring home will be sure to fill the front of your fridge!

Dance with Rompy

Do you have a “whirler” and “twirler”? Want a place to channel that desire without committing to a professional studio? Our Dance With Rompy class is the perfect place to start! Your child will learn the basics of ballet and contemporary dance as well as hip hop and jazz! During ballet and contemporary, dancers will learn stretches, warm-ups, floor routines, and a beautiful combination to show off their talents! During hip hop and jazz we will cover the basics of turns, jumps, pops, and locks that will break down the complex dance moves for your little one!

Good Sports

“Home run!” “Goal!” “Two points!” These are some of the words you hear in our Good Sports class everyday! Basic sports skills and vocabulary will be taught through non-competitive, co-operative drills and games featuring liberal use of our basketball hoop, soccer goal, baseball tee, hockey sticks, footballs and more! Teamwork and sportsmanship are also an important part of this energy filled class.

Gym — Babies 3-12 months

There is so much learning going on at this age! Your baby’s first class at Romp n’ Roll provides opportunities for you and your baby to engage in appropriate activities that help them grow and learn physically and socially, naturally creating a bonding experience between baby and parent. The class is designed with elements such as the movement activities to work on strengthening your baby’s back and neck to move them toward mobility, sign language to foster communication and language skills, music time to work on fine and gross motor skills and bubbles to work on hand-eye coordination. Just as important, grown-ups get the chance to communicate and bond with others who understand exactly their concerns and questions. This class is chock full of learning…for everyone!

Gym — 10-18 months

If your baby is moving, this is the place to keep them grooving! This parent-inclusive class designed for mobile children focuses on developing muscle groups important to those children who are progressing from crawling to walking, as well as those who are already on the move. Our equipment and activities are specially designed with your mobile baby in mind – soft equipment arranged differently each week to encourage strengthening across the board. Don’t forget the bubbles, sign language, instruments, and movement songs guaranteed to set the scene for a great naptime!

Gym — 16-24 months

We call these children our “runners”…because that’s just what they do! We provide the perfect combination of independent play time and class activity, working on large muscle groups and fine motor skills through activities like balloons and paddles, ball skills and parachute time. This vivacious age deserves a vivacious class that will set the stage for an active, healthy lifestyle.

Gym — 2-3 years

Obstacle courses, cargo nets, rocking domes…oh my! This fun-filled class integrates just the right amount of following directions and introduction to structure disguised as fun! With a new theme each week, the equipment is set in a different design allowing the children to work on different skills each week by navigating obstacle courses and laughing all the way! Don’t forget the bubble dance party at the end!

Gym — Mixed Ages

Have more than one child but only time for one class? That was the thought behind this class designed to accommodate children ages 10 months through 5 years old. Don’t worry – instructors will provide an extra set of hands. Want to attend a class with a friend but your children are different ages? This is yet another great use for this class! Older children will participate in an obstacle course while the younger children engage in independent play and airlog activities. All will enjoy parachute time and bubble dance party!


Who will be the next gold Olympic medalist from the land of Romp n’ Roll? “Pikes,” “straddle” and “tuck” are common terms heard here, as well as the favorite, ”tada!!” This class will also facilitate flexibility, following instructions and cooperating with peers. This class is the perfect foundation before enrolling in a more formal gymnastics program.

Pirates, Aaargh!

Shiver me timbers! Romp n’ Roll’s Pirates class is just what your young matey has been looking for. Our pirates will hear tales of adventures at sea, create Pirate crafts and seek out lost treasures in the Gym! Working on fine motor skills is disguised as creating a treasure map and creativity is encouraged as the little pirates decide what will be found in their treasure chests. “X” marks the spot so don’t miss getting a spot in this class for your landlubber!


Our art room is transformed into a royal kingdom in our Princess class. Our friends are invited to come to the castle dressed in their ball gowns and tiaras and princes are welcome too! We always share an engaging princess story, followed by an exciting art activity. A princess shows impeccable manners, and in Princess class, we make manners magical while enjoying a delightful tea party. This experience is sure to spark the imagination in every little prince or princess!

Rhythm n’ Roll

Rhythm n' Roll is a one-of-a-kind class that combines physical skill building as well as musical enrichment for your 3-5 year old. Children will navigate their way through theme related obstacle courses designed to develop coordination, strength, and flexibility. Where else could your child fly like a pterodactyl, go on a bear hunt, and have a pajama party? During Music Circle time the children will participate in a variety of fun creative music and movement activities to enhance sensory skills, speech, rhythm, and fine body movements. The children will also participate in activities to build emerging skills like skipping, throwing, hopscotch, and basic sports skills, as well as safe, cooperative participation with others. To further expand on your class, each child will also receive their very own CD to enjoy at home.

Rompy’s Adventure

The best of our elements mixed together, Rompy’s Adventure offers art, gym, an obstacle course and music in a two-hour class, which provides plenty of developmental play time for the kids while gaining independence. Rompy’s Adventure is a great way to prepare children for upcoming preschool years or supplement current school schedules.

Silly Science

Science FUNdamentals at its best! Your child will learn basic scientific concepts by doing hands-on experiments every week. These little scientists will be talking all week about how they made cream freeze into ice cream in just minutes, and how they brought the dinosaurs back to life with homemade fossils. By using the Scientific Method, children will not only find conclusions to their experiments, they will answer the question that they ask most at this age, “Why?”. Put on your lab coat and goggles…let’s do this!


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s your child creating capes and other superhero based art projects that focus on fine and gross motor skills. Each activity will spark their creativity as well as their imaginations. At the end of each class the little “superheroes” will have an opportunity to “leap tall buildings” in the gym where they will exercise their bodies as well as their minds. Holy fun, Batman!

Tumble Tunes 1 — 10-24 months

Who has rhythm? We all do! In this Gym and Music combination class the children will discover rhythm by playing instruments and participating in movement activities that will help them build a solid foundation both physically and musically. Developmentally appropriate activities combined with musical play give children an opportunity to grow physically as well as socially and emotionally. So while they’re busy climbing the rock wall, shaking the egg shakers and crossing the monkey bars, you can feel good knowing they are growing and learning! This one of a kind music program is truly one of a kind and combines all genres of music, from folk music to classical pieces, from an urban beat to lullabies. Developed by Romp n’ Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else.

Tumble Tunes 2 — 2-3 years

Music is movement! So, it just makes sense to combine our Gym class with our innovative music program. Our Tumble Tunes 2 class is the perfect combination of physical skill building and the fostering of the love of music through playing instruments, performing movement activities and exercises that focus on basic terminology of music such as rhythm, tempo and pitch. Combine that with an obstacle course where they will “climb mountains”, “walk the plank” and “fly like a pterodactyl” and that sounds like the perfect class! This one of a kind music program is truly one of a kind and combines all genres of music, from folk music to classical pieces, from an urban beat to lullabies. Developed by Romp n’ Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else and the best part…you get a CD of all of the songs performed in class to listen to at home with your little one.

Tumble Tunes — Mixed Ages 10 mos–5 yrs

Do your kids love music? Then bring them all to this awesome class! Our Mixed Ages Tumble Tunes class combines Music and Gym perfectly for ages. So if you’re bringing multiple children, don’t worry – our instructors will lend a hand while younger children explore during independent play and older children navigate an exciting obstacle course. During our Music Circle time you will experience a truly one of a kind music program and combines all genres of music, from folk music to classical pieces, from an urban beat to lullabies. Developed by Romp n’ Roll, you will not find this program anywhere else and the best part…you get a CD of all of the songs performed in class to listen to at home with your little ones.

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    Welcoming Atmosphere Our bright, whimsical facilities were thoughtfully crafted to stimulate and engage little ones while keeping them safe. An abundance of colorful vinyl foam in the design makes things comfortable and easy to clean. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have a blast on our age-appropriate gym equipment.

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    Social Interaction Little ones can socialize with other children and learn valuable life skills from each other. Our play gym caters to kids between the ages of 3 months and 6 years and our classes sort them into age-specific groups, giving them the peer-to-peer interaction that’s so vital to their growth.

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    Growth & Development Our play-based curriculum developed from extensive research and our own experiences. Our developmentally appropriate art, music, and movement classes and activities build physical and cognitive skills during these important formative years—but all kids know is that they’re having fun!

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    Parent-Child Connection Based on our research, we discovered that little ones progress most effectively when they’re in the presence of parents and loved ones who express excitement and pride for their achievements. Our classes are parent-friendly, so they can take part in positive, shared fun with their child.

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