Meet the Owners of Romp n' Roll Omaha!

Romp n' Roll | Omaha OwnersLuke & Tara Sprakel, Owners

Tell us what motivated you to open your Romp n’ Roll franchise?

We kept taking our toddler and preschooler to other classes and programs in Omaha, but nothing was conveniently located for the growing SW corner of town. When you are facing the clock of an 18 month old's nap, almost an hour round trip drive time is a deal breaker for a 45 min class. We also fell in love with the idea that Romp n' Roll is not just a gym program, but also offers music and art classes as well for younger children. Our 1 year old already loved to dance and color and our 4 year old is very imaginative and loves making "creations." We don't believe they are ever too young to start learning skills that will help them later in life! There are thousands of houses being built in the area, many with very young families, and we feel Romp n' Roll will serve the community well.

What do you love most about owning Romp n’ Roll?

We are particularly excited to see how the classes we offer will benefit each child in their current developmental stage as well as the stages to follow.

Tell us about your favorite part of the classes at Romp n’ Roll and why it’s your favorite:

We love the birthday parties! We love providing special memories for children and their friends and families.

Tell us about your family and pets:

We live in Elkhorn, NE with our two young boys, Benjamin and Hudson, who are very eager for Romp n' Roll to open! They are very active and constantly busy, and love to play and learn. Luke is from the Crofton, NE area near the South Dakota border and Tara grew up just a few miles from Romp n' Roll Omaha. Both Luke and Tara have business degrees from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, and have an awesome team of energetic early educators that bring balance, fun, and creativity to the Romp n' Roll team!

What do you love to do in your free time?

We enjoy traveling, taking our boys to activities, staying active, and spending time with our family.

What Your Omaha Neighbors are Saying:

  • "They did a great job! All the kids had fun, and I would definitely use Romp n' Roll again. Thanks!" - Stephanie B
  • "This was the most effortless party I've ever planned for my children. The staff was phenomenal and several of my friends have already said they wanted to do future birthday parties here because they saw how easy I had it!" - Cam V
  • "Everything was fantastic! The staff is excellent, and we could tell that they genuinely care about our daughter. They made everything so easy. Parents were able to relax and all of the kids had a great time. We will definitely recommend Romp n' Roll." - Melanie K
  • "Emily and the staff were great to work with. This was by far the best! The little details made it so I could enjoy my son's b-day party! :)" - Omaha Birthday Bash Customer
  • "This was a fantastic experience. Thanks to the great staff at Romp n' Roll for making our party amazing!" - Jill P
  • "My son and all his friends had a blast! Thank you Romp n’ Roll Omaha, we had a fantastic experience!" - Jen S
  • "Bekah was amazing. Everyone was very helpful right down to having pizza scissors and bagging up the presents. Super easy for the parents, and the kiddos all had a great time!" - Jessica S
  • "It was one of the most organized birthday party I have had. I didn’t have to do anything but enjoy. It was well worth the price, and I highly recommend." - Rhonda V
  • "We were so pleased at how effortless the party was for us. It allowed us to enjoy the party with our child and her friends." - A Satisfied Birthday Bash Customer
  • "I am so pleased with the party we just had for our two year old twins. Everything was perfect, and the staff was amazing! Everyone enjoyed it so much." - Omaha Birthday Bash Customer
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