Meet the Team at Romp n' Roll Orangeburg!

Gigi Gonzalez — Owner

Why did you decide to open Romp n’ Roll?

After a career in the corporate world, I wanted to be part of something bigger. What is bigger than being part of a child’s development and having fun at the same time? It can not get any better! I consulted with my best friend who was a teacher and children advocate for many years and she loved the concept and had dreamed of opening something just like this. She has since passed on and through her inspiration I want to fulfill both of our dreams.

What most excites you about owning Romp n’ Roll?

What most excites me most about Romp n’ Roll is how we focus on the child’s whole development by incorporating the arts while having fun.

How does owning Romp n’ Roll contribute to your community?

My Romp n’ Roll will contribute to my community by providing a concept that does not exist. Children will experience gym, art, and music classes, all while building social skills, learning, and having fun!

Tell us what you love most about Romp n’ Roll’s classes, activities, birthday parties, and special events:

It was love at first sight with Romp n’ Roll. The laughter of the children having fun, the smiles on their faces when they realize they have learned something new and the gleam in their eyes after overcoming a challenge are just a few of the things I love.

Tell us about your family and pets:

I am originally from New York City and moved to the suburbs of New York in 2005. I live with my partner, Bedford, my godson, Ryan, and two dogs, Dante and Diego.

What do you love to do in your free time?

During my free time, I like to relax at my home, get together with friends, go to concerts, comedy clubs and dance schools.

What Your Orangeburg Neighbors are Saying:

  • "Everything was great!!!! Perfect place to have a 1st Birthday! Every staff member had a smile from beginning to end. My guests were so happy with how the staff was so welcoming." - Sergenande J
  • "Amazing party! So well organized and the Kids had a blast!" - Evanie K
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