Meet the Owner of Romp n’ Roll North Raleigh!

undefinedHanaa Alexander, Owner

Tell us why you opened your Romp n’ Roll franchise?

I’m very excited about opening Romp n’ Roll in Raleigh! I’m energized by Romp n’ Roll’s innovative, play-based learning programs, and I look forward to having a positive impact on the children in my North Raleigh community. As a busy parent myself, I love that I’ll be able to offer a wide variety of classes for children 3 months through 5 years old, and I'm looking forward to provide the best learning opportunities for the children in my area.

What do you love most about owning Romp n’ Roll?

I find it very rewarding to build success from the ground up with a great team, to be part of my community, and to offer excellent customer service to children and their families in North Raleigh.

How long have you owned Romp n’ Roll and how has owning Romp n’ Roll contributed to your community?

Romp n’ Roll North Raleigh is my first location.

Tell us about your favorite Romp n’ Roll game, activity or song and tell us why it’s your favorite:

I love the creativity and imagination of our art activities. Our hands-on projects help connect children with the real world, widen their imagination, and improve their fine motor skills.

Tell us about your favorite part of the classes at Romp n’ Roll and why it’s your favorite:

Tumble Tunes is my favorite class that Romp n’ Roll offers. Given my background and extensive experience working with children, I believe music and movement is a great way to get children engaged in an activity and express themselves and their talents.

Tell us about your family and pets:

I have a bachelor of arts degree in languages, and I worked as an educator for 7 years. I have a passion for teaching, and as a former daycare owner, I find it is an absolute pleasure working with young children because I can watch them grow and can make a difference in their lives. My husband Joseph and I have two boys, Nathan who is 15, and Daniel who is 11. We also have an Australian Cattle Dog Oscar, he is 4 years old and is a very friendly and passionate furry friend. Our family enjoys travelling , discovering new places and making new friends!

What do you love to do in your free time?

In my free time I like to read, listen to music, volunteer in community services projects, and spend time with my family.

What Your North Raleigh Neighbors are Saying:

  • "The staff made our daughter’s party truly special. They treated us like family and everyone had a blast. The whole thing was well-organized from start to finish. It took a lot of stress off of us and allowed us to enjoy the time with our kids and guests." - Renee G
  • "Everyone was so friendly and made the party a big success." - Tiffany B
  • "All of the staff were fabulous and I was very pleased with the whole party. The were welcoming and helpful from the second we walked in the door." - Lindsay K
  • "It was perfect! The team was amazing and everyone had a blast. I will definitely recommend to anyone looking for a preschool birthday party where parents can sit back and enjoy, rather than running around hosting." - Weslyn F
  • "It was a first birthday for twins, and we had an amazing time. The staff was wonderful. The activities were appropriate for all the kids. Many of the parents in our group wanted to know how we found the place, because they were so impressed." - A Happy Client
  • "This was the easiest party ever. The hosts were kind and friendly and worked to make sure the party was a success. All the kids loved the hosts and activities. We would definitely have a party here again." - Marquette B
  • "Everything was great. All the kids had a great time. The staff was very professional and everything was in order." - A Happy Client
  • "We absolutely loved the staff at Romp n' Roll. We were treated like family. We’re SO glad we chose this venue to celebrate my son's 2nd birthday. Every single parent was impressed by party. Kudos to everyone involved!" - Cassie W
  • "It was a great experience - especially for a 3 year old's party!! The kids had a blast and I got to enjoy the party instead of worrying with the details - the staff took care of everything!" - Anne P
  • "It was an absolute wonderful time had by everyone. Highly recommend. All the parents said it was a fantastic space. My daughter told me as we were leaving that it was "The most fun party she's ever had, ever."" - Bliss A
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