Meet the Owners of Romp n’ Roll Wethersfield!

Meredith Myers, Co-Owner of Romp n' Roll WethersfieldMeredith Myers, Co-Owner

Why did Meredith cross the road? To pet another dog of course! Those who know Meredith well would tell you that she stops to pet every single dog she sees. As a volunteer for a dog rescue for over 10 years, she has a huge love for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and Rompy was what initially caught her attention at Romp n’ Roll. When she found out about the Romp n’ Roll program and all it offers – she was sold! Gym, art, and music all under the same roof…who could ask for more?! She decided right then that she wanted to open a Romp n’ Roll to enrich young minds so they could be ready for the changing school demands.

As a teacher for many years, Meredith saw so many children enter kindergarten with weak motor and social skills. After getting to know Romp n’ Roll, she knew that the gym and art classes would benefit children and improve their gross and fine motor skills. In addition, she felt that their socialization skills would be greatly improved with the active environment that Romp n’ Roll offers. And of course, since Rompy the mascot is a dog, Meredith was all in! Romp n’ Roll had everything she was looking to offer young children — active movement, and art with music to enrich and expand young minds. Why does she love this company so much?

“I love seeing the excitement and smile on every child’s face when they come to Romp n’ Roll. I love how they talk about Rompy at home and about their experiences here. I was told the other day that one little girl hands her dad his car keys everyday and tells him to take her to Romp n’ Roll!”

Meredith loves to see the growth in the children who have been attending Romp n’ Roll and continues to see more and more children grow from their experiences here every day!

Meredith is also no stranger to Wethersfield. “I have lived in a neighboring town near Wethersfield my whole life. I have always loved the sense of community in Wethersfield, but now even more so since I have had the opportunity to get to know so many local families. There are so many activities easily accessible in the Wethersfield area, in which my family and I love to participate. We are very lucky to be a part of this wonderful community!”

Stacey Centurelli, Co-Owner of Romp n' Roll WethersfieldStacey Centurelli, Co-Owner

As a little girl, Stacey daydreamed of one day having a family of her own and being a mom. (She literally flipped through the Sears and JCPenney Catalogs picking out furnishings for the house she would some day own and thinking of baby names!) It was in 2002 that she married Mark (unfortunately, he wasn’t as easy to pick out from a catalog), and began her dream of a home and a family. Stacey decided being a mom was the most important job, so when her two baby boys blessed their lives, she left the corporate insurance world to focus on her family. However, managing with one salary proved more difficult than anticipated, so Stacey ran a small daycare caring for other children in addition to her own boys. She also became a successful sales representative and was soon promoted to a manager, leading a team of her own.

When her friend and fellow mom, Meredith, approached her about opening up a children’s gym, art, and music center right near their hometown, Stacey knew this was the next step in her life…kids and business all rolled up into one!! Stacey’s business background, home daycare, and love of children helped prepare her for opening and running Romp n’ Roll right in her local community. Her goal is to provide children with the opportunity to grow and learn with magical moments that take place every day at Romp n’ Roll.

She loves the philosophy of “playing with a purpose” and helping every child start their young lives with the opportunity to flourish into the best they can be for a bright future. That includes getting to know our amazing families and staff and being a support for one another.

When Stacey is not at Romp n’ Roll, cheering on her boys at the baseball field or at a hockey rink, (let’s face it, those are the only places she can be found and she wouldn’t have it any other way) she enjoys party planning and entertaining, baking cakes and festive cookies, and using her creative side!

And what about working in Wethersfield now? “Living in Rocky Hill next door to Wethersfield for nearly 10 years has been a wonderful experience. I wish when my boys were little we had this opportunity to play and learn and get to know the amazing families here. This area has a great sense of community and belonging. There is a so much family evolvement and everything is a stones throw and easily accessible. Romp n’ Roll has allowed me to establish close knit ties with this welcoming community. We are thrilled to bring Romp n’ Roll to the Wethersfield area!”

What Your Wethersfield Neighbors are Saying:

  • "The day could not have gone any better - from unloading the car to reloading - they made it as easy as possible for us. Kids had a blast...went like clock work. Highly recommend." - John W
  • "Absolutely fabulous facility and staff. The staff was incredible. I literally did NOTHING but enjoy my son and my guests. It was the BEST experience and I will be coming back. Worth EVERY penny!" - Casey H
  • "My guests and I had so much fun. The staff was terrific." - A Happy Birthday Bash Customer
  • "Our hosts were incredible!! They were welcoming, engaging and had fun with the kids. They did everything for us and were overall amazing. They took the time to listen to my son talk about Paw Patrol and sang along to the theme song." - Coleen G
  • "The girls were amazing. I appreciate everything they did to make my daughters birthday a great one. Thank you so much!" - Samantha B
  • "The staff definitely exceeded my expectations. I truly was able to enjoy the party with my daughter and guests!" - Tiana D
  • "Thank you for making a difference" - The Kelly Family
  • "All 3 staff members were fantastic and really took the time to make sure all of my guests (and especially son) had a great time. They were extremely accommodating and we didn't feel rushed when it was time to pack up." - Melissa A
  • "This was the best birthday party I could have asked for. My daughter turned 2 and we had kids ranging from 1-10 who all had a blast at the party!" - Sarah A
  • "I was very impressed with the party and the staff! I have already recommended it to other people and am very happy with my choice to hold my son's second birthday party there! I will certainly be back!" - Keri P
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