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Are you looking for a fun gym where kids can be goofballs while
learning and making friends? Come play at Romp n’ Roll
Willow Grove for gym, art and music!

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Romp n' Roll Willow Grove

Romp n' Roll Willow Grove

2856 W Moreland Rd Willow Grove, PA 19090

Gym. Art. Music.

Whether your baby is three months and beginning to recognize family members or five years-old and soaking information up like a sponge, we’ve got fun for everyone!

Babies playing with balls

Kids Gym in Willow Grove

Exciting Activities for Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Romp n' Roll Willow Grove gives kids between the ages of 3 months through 5 years a place to play, create, and learn through classes and activities that were created especially for them. Bring your little one to experience our bright and whimsical gym equipment, the enthusiasm and energy of our excellent instructors, and the engaging class themes. Our small class sizes allow for quality connections between kids and adults, which gives little ones a firm foundation for social skills and lets parents and caregivers develop a support system of their own.

At Romp n’ Roll, our schedule is designed to complement yours. We offer lots of class times throughout the day—morning, afternoon, and evening—along with weekend mornings. Choose the ones that work for your family; there’s no need to commit to a consistent day, time, or frequency. In addition to our classes, we host a variety of other special activities, like Open Gym, camps, drop-off sessions, and more. We even play host to private birthday parties!

Schedule a free introductory class for you and your little one! Fill out our online request form, or contact us at (215) 486-3067 for more details.

What Your Willow Grove Neighbors are Saying:

  • "Staff was wonderful! Everyone did an amazing job" - A Happy Client
  • "Everyone at the party had a great time. The parents were even saying how much fun they had, because they did not have to worry about their kids and could relax and talk with the other parents. Thank you!" - Lori B
  • "The kids had an awesome time in the gym and with all of the activities. My son (the birthday boy) had a blast and didn’t want to leave. I’m so glad I decided to have his party at Romp n' Roll!" - Ranada J
  • "The party was amazing! The kids had a blast, and we parents could enjoy each other's company. I so appreciated being hands off. The party leaders were awesome and communicated with us about our wishes frequently. It was great!" - Holly
  • "Everything was great, and all guests had a blast! The parents were impressed at how great Romp n' Roll was for our range of kids, under 1-6 years. Everything was great, and all guests had a blast! The parents were impressed at how great Romp n' Roll was f" - Jessica M
  • "I would definitely recommend their summer camp!" - Jacob F.
  • "I loved everything! I love how the staff was so understanding of how sensitive my son is." - Nicole F
  • "This was our first birthday party that was not in our house & it was great!" - Rachel R
  • "The staff was superb and very helpful! Everyone was friendly and overly accommodating! This was a stress free party!" - Syieda L
  • "I was very happy with my son’s party. The staff helped bring in items from my car and took care of setting up everything. The activities were well organized and it ran smoothly. The kids had a blast and I was able to enjoy the party!" - Theresa
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